Erik’s Bloody Mary

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The original Bloody Mary cocktail is said to have been created on the spur of the moment, according to the bar's own traditions, consisting only of vodka and tomato juice. Since then, Erik has spent years perfecting the Bloody Mary mixture and even more consuming it.

The Bloody Mary is a long standing tradition in the South, especially during football season. Everyone enjoys the ever increasing in size, snack that is served in the drink. The snack usually consists of most things pickled and sometimes fried.

The Erik's Bloody Mary is an instant classic that will withstand the test of time. Get in that number.

Erik's Bloody Mary Mixing Instructions:

1. Fill cup with ice
2. Squeeze in 1 lime
3. Squeeze in 1 lemon
4. Add 3 shots of vodka
5. Fill cup with Zing Zang mix
6. Pour all contents into another cup, back and forth, to mix it all up
7. Add toppings & Enjoy!

For Rimmers, line the rim of the cup with a slice of lime (all the way around). Place rim of cup into Matt & Steve's Bloody Mary Rimmer mix.

Add in desired topping items such as Matt & Steve Pickles, Asparagus, Beans - Flavored Garlic & Dill or Hot & Spicy (get crazy with it!)


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