Cindy's Red Beans with Ham and Sausage

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Want to spice up your red beans, add in some roux! Our friend's at Cindy's Almost Famous Roux has shared their Almost Famous Red Beans recipe with us. We packed it up nicely in this meal kit so that in only one click, you can purchase everything that you will need in order to make it. This dish will feed up to 6-8 people.


1 lb Camelia Dry Red Beans

1 Tub (16oz) Guidry’s Chopped Vegetables

2 tbsp Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil

½ lb Seasoned diced Ham OR 1 Hambone

1 lb Mild Pork Sausage cut into bite size pieces.

1 Heaping Tablespoon of Cindy’s Almost Famous Roux

9-10 cups of water

1 Bay Leaf

Salt, black pepper and garlic powder to taste


In an 8-quart pot, Bring beans, Bay Leaf and ham or hambone to a boil.

Reduce heat to medium-high and continue to boil for at least 1 hour. In a separate skillet, sauté’ the vegetables in 2 tablespoons of Oil until tender.

Add salt, pepper and garlic powder and mix well into the vegetables. Once the beans have cooked for an hour, add the sautéed vegetables, sausage and Roux to the beans.

Bring back to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low and continue to cook until tender.  When the beans start to get creamy and thick, reduce heat to low for the remainder of your cooking.

Serve over Rice with some French Bread or Cornbread on the side.


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