Tosha's Steak & Potatoes

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When prepping your steaks, pro can get four 2 oz filets from one 8 oz steak, winning! Season them up with some salt, pepper and a little Old Bay Seasoning.

I cooked the mushrooms in a rice cooker, y’all. No lie. Water, a little crab boil and some of my Happy Peas ranch seasoning. Just, oh my goodness.

Marinated the asparagus and chopped mushrooms in a little sesame seed oil, diced red onions, salt and pepper.

Baked the potatoes in a microwave, because ain’t nobody got time for an oven. Then I chopped some fresh cilantro, purple basil and mint from my garden and melted that together with butter and bathed my steak and potato with it because I love life! Enjoy!!

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