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This creation infuses Dat Sauce's special sauce mixture and your GJ Curbside choice of "Surf and Turf".

For this kit, Dat Sauce owner, Scott Green, chose GJ Curbside's portion controlled 8 ounce yellow fin tuna steaks for the “surf” selection and USDA choice pre-cut 14 ounce rib eyes for the “turf” option.

With this kit you have the flexibility to select from the many high quality seafood options for the "surf" option of this kit and select from the many high quality USDA precut steak options available on GJ Curbside.

The magic of this kit is the special sauce creation by Dat Sauce included in this exciting meal kit. The sauce combination was created by Chef Kern Chaission as a menu option for Dat Sauce to present to Outback Steakhouse.

Cooking Instructions:

Season surf and turf to your liking.

For the "Surf" option for feature, heat a frying pan with olive oil.

Sear the "Surf" option which in this particular kit is the 8 ounce yellow fin portion controlled steaks in the frying pan with olive oil.

After a light sear flip the ahi tuna steaks and immediately start applying the Dat Sauce special creation.  Mix 60% part of Dat Sauce Ketchup and 40% part of Dat Sauce.

Then finish with drizzling Carmichaels Louisiana Honey and unsalted butter to finish off.

Repeat the same steps for the "turf" option of your meal which for this kit which features the USDA choice pre-cut 14 ounce rib eyes!


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