Cinco De Mayo 2021

Posted: May 12, 2021

GJ Curbside is here to help you get ready for your Cinco de Mayo celebration!  Today, we are introducing a new category on GJ Curbside labeled Cinco de Mayo, two meal kits, fajita and margarita, and a temporary alcohol sale!  All items found in the meal kits and in the new Cinco De Mayo category will be discounted cinco percent (5%) until May 6th!

The Cinco de Mayo category is a new main category that includes all items that GJ Curbside stocks regularly. These don't just have to be made on Cinco de Mayo. You can spice up your taco Tuesday as well! The 5% discount is limited until May 6th.

Oh, and to add to the list, all Mexican beer and products that contain tequila will be discounted 5% (Case deals of these items are not part of the 5% sale).

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