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Posted: February 9, 2021

We are excited to feature another local product in this weeks newsletter. Our newest member to Curbside is Southern Stuffed LLC by Keaten Bella. Here is her story.

Owner and creator of Southern Stuffed LLC, Keaten Bella, was born and raised in the quaint, southern Louisiana community of Berwick. As a mother of four ambitious children and wife of 15 years, her business idea was born out of supporting her family in many different ways. In November of 2019, Keaten woke up to an idea of creating a waffle recipe that would take out extra steps for her family in the morning. She needed a recipe that filled some health concerns she was having, created ease for her busy family, and added extra income to support her family. She had never made a waffle a day in her life. She got to work and started testing different ways to stuff waffles.

In February 2020, she tested the product with her neighbors and family which received raving reviews. Word got around her small town. Quickly, she went into business mode and set up her very first facebook page launching Southern Stuffed Waffles to the world. In a year, she has sold 1440 individual waffles, 360 sets. Each waffle set of four is unique by being sold frozen, handmade with fresh ingredients (blueberry or chocolate chip), and created with quality perfection. The waffles can be eaten plain on the go, or with individualized toppings per customer's taste buds. Keaten's number one priority is family. Now, she is helping you make your family a priority too!

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Big News!

We are excited to offer Premium Fresh Cut Meats available to order. There is a two day lead time when ordering these hand cut meats. See the web site for specific details. Imagine having restaurant quality steaks, lamb and veal on your plates at home!

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Thank You

Yesterday, February 8th, marked the 9 month anniversary of our e-commerce site. It has been a wild ride and we have added 100s of new products to the site. We are committed to growing our product list with unique, local, essential and high quality items. We appreciate the support of our local community! Now, is it time to go global?


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