Uncle J's Seasoning & Crawfish Equipment Kit

Posted: May 12, 2021

Just in time for crawfish season, we are welcoming to GJ Curbside the new seasoning and boiling equipment items created by Uncle J’s Custom Boats.  Since 2005, Uncle J’s has been building high quality custom boats to deliver to customers across the nation.  In 2007, Jason Romero, owner of Uncle J Custom Boats, created a seasoning to bring the taste of Louisiana to his customers, family and friends across the United States. He prides himself on the seasoning blend having lower salt content, giving a great flavor and not over salting.  Since 2005, he has shipped the seasoning to over 30 states and repeat buyers.  As an aluminum boat builder and an avid seafood boiler, Jason and the Uncle J crew are resourceful in making boiling equipment.  Through experience and many hours of trial and error, Uncle J has perfected the boiler and seafood serving tray.

These beautiful and highly efficient items are fabricated right in the heart of Morgan City by locals who truly know what it is like to boil seafood for family and friends. The boiler and serving tray are a must have for anyone that is serious about boiling seafood and wants to make the experience as efficient as possible. The design allows for a quicker boiling process and many features that add ultra-convenience to the handling and off-loading of the product. These items are professional grade!

In addition to these four items added to the site, there is a meal kit which features the four Uncle J products.  If all four items in the kit are purchased together, there will be a 5% discount applied to each Uncle J item in your cart.

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