The Story Behind Noni's Kitchen

Posted: March 10, 2021

Oh, I am excited about this story today! I love one that is about carrying on a families legacy and this is exactly what Noni's Kitchen has done. The Noni's Kitchen idea was created in 2017 with a conversation between a mother and daughter. Tori Frith, co-owner and co-creator, of Noni's Kitchen shares her story with us and a recipe to try out.

Originally from Mandeville, LA, Tori grew up watching her mom, Toni Duracher, make jelly. Tori didn't even know you could buy jelly at grocery stores growing up because she never had to. Fast forward into Tori's adult years, living in Lafayette with her husband, Kyle, and daughter, she was talking to her mom at her house about how great her recipes were (as they were stuffing themselves with Pepper Jelly, cream cheese and bugles).

"Mom, would you ever let me recreate the recipes and sell them?" asked Tori.  Her mom declared, "No one will ever buy that."  Tori said, "Give me a chance. I'll create you an empire!"

A month later, her and her mom drew up the labels and Noni's Kitchen was created. Noni is her mom's nickname from Tori and Kyle's daughter.

What started out as small sales in Farmers Markets turned into 60+ grocery stores, 25 restaurants and meat markets after 3 short years!  Noni's Kitchen is passionate about using only local ingredients and not changing the way her Mom crafted her recipes (since that is the reason they are the best)!  Even as they are growing into a new commercial kitchen, they are determined to keep her style of cooking the same - from hand selecting peppers to inspecting every jar to making sure each one looks and tastes how they grew up eating it!

What a story, right? So remember, when you buy local you carry on a legacy. Pick up your Noni's Kitchen jelly at GJ Curbside today!

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