The Monogrammed Decorative Towel

Posted: June 25, 2021

A new local product has joined the Home Decor collection. Read the story of Grant Guillory below!

Inspired by his grandmother's teachings, Dirty Rags a GMGD Creation is a 27 x 27 square inch towel that is 100% cotton and features one of five available monogram designs.

As a native to St. Mary Parish, Grant's passion for crafts was sparked when his newborn niece arrived and his late grandmother would not be able to make the traditional quilt that all newborns in the family usually receive. Grant compiled all of the lessons from his grandmother and got to work on creating a quilt for his newborn niece. Through this process, he discovered his passion for crafts.

After creating many different items and designs, Grant realized that the monogram decorative towels made great gifts and generally made people happy. Grant decided to get space at the Market By Southern Grace in Morgan City to sell his creations.

GJ Curbside is proud to add this GMGD Creation, monogram decorative towels, to our Home Decor line of products.

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