Southern Grace Door Hangers


Decorative door hangers created by The Market by Southern Grace.

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About This Item

Southern Grace Home Décor began when Grace Eisenman created a Louisiana cutout made of pallet wood (pallets supplied by G&J) to hang on her kitchen wall in 2017. Grace didn’t think anything of it when she posted it to social media, but messages began to flood in from her friends and family wanting their own Louisiana décor.

After the initial craze died down, Grace began to work on seasonal door hangers. She now has over 100 different designs that she offers. The designs range from signs that can be hung on your door throughout the entire year to specific holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more. She is also open to custom orders with specific names, dates, and event themes.

Southern Grace has allowed her the freedom of working for herself and having her children by her side while she works.  She now has all of the creative freedom she could ever want, and it wouldn’t be without all of the continuous support that is received from her customers!

GJ Curbside is proud to add one of Grace’s first creations, custom monogram decorative wood door hangers, to our Home Decor line of products.

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