New Produce Pricing - Sold By EACH

Posted: March 14, 2022

For over 55 years, our core business has been providing food and supplies in bulk to our customers, primarily in the Oil & Gas industry. Since opening up our curated inventory to the public through our Curbside division, we've had to learn a few things along the way. In fact, we are ALWAYS listening to your feedback and adjusting to the demands of our amazing customers.

It was brought to our attention that the pricing on some of our produce items was not very straight forward because we had it structured for bulk purchases. However, our Curbside customers generally do not buy in bulk and needed an easier way to communicate to use exactly what they wanted. Because of that, we changed the pricing structure on many of our produce items so that they can be purchased by the EACH and not by the total weight.

Some examples of these items include Bell Peppers, Onions, Bananas (bunch), Carrots, Potatoes and many more! On your next order, please make note of the "Sold As" notice on the product page to make sure that you are ordering the correct quantity.

If we notice anything unusual, we will definitely reach out to confirm.

Please continue to give us your valuable feedback. We aim to do the best job possible to satisfy your needs! Thank you for giving us the opportunity!! ❤️❤️

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