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Posted: March 4, 2021

GJ Curbside local products has expanded to some home goods. Recently, we brought in the local candle company, Peace Candle Co.

Here is the story of how owner and chandler, Jonathan C. Price, created his all natural, 100% soy wax candle line that enhances your space.

Not originally from the Tri-City area, Jonathan has chosen to plant roots in the area with his husband Kristopher Price, fire captain of Morgan City Fire Department.

Jonathan is multi-passionate in his career by owning Peace Candle Co. and working for the City of Morgan City as the Beautification Coordinator. On a day to day basis, he uses his sense of sight to beautify a space, but one of his favorite senses to use is smell.

“I’ve always had a love for candles, they truly soothe me. My favorite sense out of all is the sense of smell. I associate memories to smells,” Jonathan stated.

This led to his creation of the company of Peace Candle Co. in March 2020. His dream was to create something that so many can enjoy. He started with 5 scents and now has 80.

Each candle is made by all natural 100% soy wax. With the natural abilities of the wax, he and his team design their candles to enhance the space rather than overpower it.  Soy wax is a clean, eco-friendly wax. He also uses 100% cotton wicks that burn clean.

Why the name? Jonathan chose the name simply on the way he tries to live.

“Good vibes and peace is always a great thing to have,” Jonathan stated.

So grab your scent from the Peace Candle Co. to enhance your space, give off good vibes, and spark your sense of smell!

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