Don't Mind The Strain Of A Hurricane

Posted: August 24, 2020

Tri-city residents,

Growing up in Louisiana we have learned how to prepare for hurricanes.

First step is stock the water. Second step is stock the bar. For some people, the order may be reversed. Next, get to the essentials of toilet papercoffeebatteriesdry goods, and, of course, a big pot of gumbo.

I am serving up a big pot of gluten-free gumbo during these next few days. I'll share it over on our instagram and Facebook pages.

Luckily, we still have some time to prepare with the first storm slowing down. We will be OPEN to deliver and curbside pick-up from 8 a.m. until mid-afternoon tomorrow, weather permitting. To secure your order for the limited hours tomorrow, submit your order online now!


Thank you for supporting GJ Curbside, your local curbside pick-up and delivery grocery service.  It has been a busy 24 hours and we are proud to serve this community!

Stay safe and dry friends!

With gratitude,
Kelly Lind Boudreaux

P.S. Did you know right now you get free delivery options on $150 or more orders in Tri-city area? Don't forget to submit your order tonight or first thing in the morning to secure delivery! We are here to get you Hurricane prepared!

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