How To Use Bone Broth & Quinoa

Posted: June 2, 2021

Bone broth is a savory, nutrient-dense liquid that is brewed from simmering animal bones in water for 20+ hours over low heat. This long, time-consuming process allows for the proper extraction of many beneficial compounds such as collagen, vitamins, minerals, etc.

During the cooking process, fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices are added for a fuller flavor and additional plant-based nutrients. The final product is a broth that is great to sip on like you would with coffee or tea, or as a healthy upgrade from regular stock or broth in savory recipes. The bone broth we carry has 9g of protein per serving!

One recipe we love to use bone broth in is a slow cooking pot roast. This is a fan favorite in the G&J household. This recipe is from The Pioneer Woman.  Sub out the broth for the bone broth and use some leftover wine like 985 Vineyard to really spice it up! To make it more nutrient dense, put it over some quinoa.

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