Gift Cards For Your Employees

Posted: December 15, 2020

We Got The Perfect Gift For Employees and Customers

Looking for an exciting and special way to show your employees or customers how much you appreciate them this Holiday Season?

Great news! We can help and we love playing Santa!
How does it work? Here is a quick story.

We were recently contacted by Mr. Jeremy Callais at MC Bank as he was looking for a way to shower MC Bank employees with Christmans gifts from local businesses. Naturally, we said yes and went to work implementing an Electronic Gift Certificate system into our GJ Curbside shopping cart.

Once our system was in place, Ms. Reina Fernandez at MC Bank provided a list of employee names and email addresses. We issued an electronic gift certificate to each employee and set the delivery date.

It was like Christmas morning when MC Bank employees arrived at work that day. They had a personalized email waiting in their inbox, letting them know that they had received a gift certificate from MC Bank to shop at Gj Curbside!

Immediately, MC Bank employees began putting in their orders and the excitement was through the roof. Our customer reps had an amazing day working with each MC Bank employee on their orders, making sure that they received our award winning customer service. It was a huge success for us all.

We can do this for your company employees or customers too! It is super easy and has proven to be a gift that employees truly love. They can use the gift card on any of our products, including our wide selection of Wine & Spirits.

If you act now, we will add an additional $5 to every gift card! It is our gift to you for trusting your local curbside and home delivery grocer. For employee gift card inquiries, please contact Erik Lind at

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