Cindy's Almost Famous Roux Nationwide Shipping

Posted: November 4, 2022

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our nationwide shipping program for our great friend Cindy Maraist Gioe of Cindy's Almost Famous Roux.

You may be wondering how we will ship Cindy's delicious Roux across the country?

Luckily, our parent company is the best grocery distributor in the Gulf Of Mexico, so we gladly accepted the challenge of figuring out how to ship Cindy's Roux across the country within 2 days!

Cindy has had great success getting her product out to the fine people of South Louisiana through various distribution networks. The main one being Cindy personally delivering roux to eager customers herself.

When it quickly became too much for Cindy to drive all around our great state delivering roux, so she asked us to help her come up with a shipping solution.

🚨🚨  GJ Curbside to the rescue!  🚨🚨

We immediately went to work and designed a special box that holds a total of 16 units of Cindy's 16oz Roux, along with two sheets of dry ice. This is to ensure that the roux stays cold all the way to its final destination.

Our custom roux box was specifically designed to reduce the cost of shipping due to the dimensions and weight when filled.

In addition to our roux box, we found a shipping partner that allowed us to make the 2 day shipping cost feasible, at a flat rate, anywhere in the United States!

When you add roux to your cart, you will see a flat rate shipping option at checkout.

We are very excited about this venture with Cindy and can not wait to get her Roux out to folks all across the country. Simply because we know how good it taste, especially on a cool, crisp day with football games on the television! It doesn't get much better than that 🏈.

This program will also be a stepping stone for making many more of our awesome products available to be shipped nationwide! So stay tuned, as there will be much more to come from the Curb!! 😊👍

Want to be unique this Christmas? Send the gift of Cindy's Almost Famous Roux to all of your family and friends that live outside of St. Mary Parish! 🎄🎁

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