A Roux With A Story

Posted: February 1, 2021

As a small family owned business that was born out of Morgan City, Louisiana, over 56 years ago, G&J understands what it means to be a part of a community and continuously give back to the community. This is why we are excited to announce local born products of the area and Louisiana to our Curbside line up.

Today's feature is Cindy's Almost Famous Roux. The creator and owner, Cindy Maraist Gioe, is actually a local lady from Morgan City. I believe every product has a story behind it that prompted the idea. Cindy's story does just that. Her vision is to pass on the legacy of her dad and make your life easier one gumbo at a time. Let's hear her story and then you can get to cooking some gumbo!

Cindy, born and raised in Morgan City, Louisiana, now lives in Slidell.  Her hometown roots still run deep. Growing up she watched her dad, Buzzy Maraist, stir the pot until his roux was the perfect color.  Watching him cook so patiently, and growing up in the south, fueled her passion for cooking.

In 2009, she leveled up her roux that was inspired by her dad by adding in the Trinity of Vegetables seasoning and creating a system to save it to cook for later. After years of perfecting the recipe and the storing system for her family and close friends, she decided to turn her passion into a business.  Her business slowly grew.

With her dad watching over her from above, her business took off during one of the most challenging years. From mid-September 2020 through end of January 2021, she has sold and personally delivered 800 pint size containers of Roux to customers from South Louisiana to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"With every batch, I feel the presence of my daddy helping me 'stir the pot' just like he taught me more than 25 years ago," says Cindy.

Each hand stirred batch, she leaves a legacy and perfects the Roux by creating a consistent taste. She has also perfected her recipe for “Cindy’s Almost Famous Gumbo."  Whether you want to make it Chicken & Sausage, Seafood, Turkey & Andouille, or any other combination, her simple and easy recipe requires only 4 ingredients:  Cindy’s Almost Famous Roux, Meat, Stock, and Chopped green onions.

We are honored to bring Cindy into GJ Curbside. You can purchase the roux on it's own or get the meal kit with the four ingredients needed to make Cindy's Almost Famous Gumbo.

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